Emma Brock did an impressive job taking on the role of Michael. It’s no easy job, as Michael has become a well-known character in pop culture. Brock made Michael her own. There was never a doubt that she was Michael, but she also didn’t come across as a Steve Carell impersonator. Being able to play a well-known character without coming across as an impersonator takes serious skill. 

Casting a woman in the role of Michael Scott is a bold choice in and of itself, one that pays off in utter camp-factor. Brock’s masculinized makeup and costuming create the impression of Michael Scott without trying to copy the character or imitate masculinity directly. We’re still aware that this Michael Scott is ultimately a woman in a suit, which, coupled with Brock’s over-the-top acting, helps distance the show from reality and from its source material, serving as a constant reminder to the audience that the world the play creates is neither our own nor that of the original TV show.


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